Sunnyside by Bosse - Media - shop now at Bosse store
Sunnyside by Bosse - Media - shop now at Bosse store


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Limited deluxe double album (digipack) incl. album CD and one exclusive bonus track + bonus CD with 6 acoustic versions and 5 live tracks + set of 4 magnets and signed photo card

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One has already wondered what is being created artistically while everything is closed and the dearest artists could not perform. Aki Bosse has locked himself in his basement studio and made new music. And "new music" is to be taken literally. Because he has succeeded in sounding new without pandering to the zeitgeist. 

And therein lies his great talent: Bosse moves and grows with the times while keeping his roots. A tree? No. A pop musician. 

"SUNNYSIDE" is the 8th studio album and shows the old Bosse growing beyond himself here. Synthesizers, drum loops, basslines sound quite naturally next to guitars. "SUNNYSIDE" is casual and warm, it is danceable and close, it does not exclude, but embraces.

This also runs through the lyrics: On the one hand, Bosse dares to tell more attitude than ever, but also even more about himself and his loved ones. In the basement studio he has had a lot of time to think about what is important now, must become even more important and how we should live. 

"Der letzte Tanz" deals with the transience of fleeting but special moments, as we have all noticed in the last year. This transience is also found in a vulnerable, intimate declaration of love for his father. "Das Paradies" sings about his utopia of a better world, where all people should please be considered equal, and in the title track "Sunnyside" hope strikes through. 

The album will be released on Aug. 27. The time is ripe, we have to get out.

Out of the basement studio, the home office and the struggle. Over the bridge, there is the exciting, the new life and in addition there is exciting and new music from Aki Bosse.